Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unseen Forces

Sometimes we are not seen
for all that we are
and all that we give
for a very long time.

Sometimes it appears
our gifts cannot be given
and our offerings have no home.

But take heart, my friend~

For surely every soul who ever
tried to create something new
has felt the echo of her song
falter into silence, for a time.

Take heart, my friend~

For unseen forces are always listening
always at work,
making a place for you,
and preparing an honored seat
at the table of celebration
that is to come.

For now, it may seem no one sees you
no one knows you,
but it is not so, my friend.

I do.

By Robin Rice


This is a poem written for a greeting card company that they rejected as unsellable. If this were a card, I would give it to myself today.

There are storms moving through my heart-world, amidst the blissful memories of this past weekend at Harbin Hot Springs with Knight. I have so much to write about. But I am trying to give myself some space. I have had tremendous insights, deep emotional healing, and heart-breaking discoveries over the last five days. I am standing on the edge of my capacity to love, wondering if I am capable of more.

While it may seem that there is so much about me that is seen -- as a part of a large circle of friends, as a hostess for the Society, and now here as a writer -- the truth is that there is so much I have kept hidden, believing no one would want it. I have convinced myself that my offerings have no home. I have convinced myself of so many terrible things.

I am standing my own witness. I am seeing myself, as fully as I am capable at this moment. And what I see is a woman who has been hurting herself because she doesn't believe she is worthy of the same love she offers others, even strangers.

Image source: Jessica Harp

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