Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coming to the Revolution

Just read a great article on the revolutionary power of sex and self love.


I have thought about this before, and others have mentioned jack-and-jill-off events, but the article makes the idea even more enticing. I am definitely interested in a masturbation orgy being organized within our group at some point, whether at a party or privately. I believe it could be a powerful community building experience witnessing each other love ourselves without inhibition.

You might also want to check out the author's blog, Book of Blue (bookofblue.com). He documents his own sexual journey, as well as an on-going photo project of female nudes with mirrors, with many recent writings on experiencing compersion with his lover (compersion is the ability to find joy in your lover's love and passion for others...although it is rather more complicated than that since it could expand to being able to find joy in anyone's expression of love and\or passion for anything, which could lead to community healing and connection on a wide scale...ooooh, there is a rich blog topic for me to explore).

Happy reading!

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